Scandal Episode 2x14: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - This may be an unpopular opinion but…

…I like Scott Foley’s character (Jake) on Scandal. And I hope that twist at the end with him during tonight’s episode is actually a fake-out or there is more to it, and he and Olivia DO get together for a while. 

Don’t get me wrong - I still love Olitz, but those two do NOT need to be anywhere near each other - or together - any time soon. Especially not after tonight’s episode.

Fitz, rightly or wrongly, just dosen’t trust Olivia at the moment. Which is leading to him acting like the world’s biggest jackass towards her. No matter what Olivia has done - and yes, I know she stole an election - but that dosen’t mean she in any way deserves to be treated the way Fitz treated her after that closet scene. 

For me, that scene was painful to watch. Because I know what these two use to be to each other. I remember the time when Fitz really felt Liv was the only person who 100% had his back and wasn’t phony with him, or using him for personal gain like everyone else.

And now?

Well, it shows how much that idea of her NOT being like that is doing to him and how it’s making him treat her.

So yeah, for the love of everything, keep these two apart. (And yeah, I know they will probably interact with each other about stuff, just because that’s the nature of the show, but no more closet/outside the closet encounters please).

Because Fitz has shit to work though. He’s got to work out - and I hope he works it out for himself - that Olivia IS the main person he can trust, even if she is no longer on that pedestal he put her up on. 

But when he does figure that out? I want Liv to - once again - be out of his  reach. Because he acted like a fool and treated her this way. And that it’s going to take more than a simple sexy “Hi” to get her back.

And that’s one reason I hope the theory I have about Jake Weston comes true. Which is that Jake was ORDERED to spy/watch Olivia. (Maybe even ordered by Fitz himself via the whole Thorngate thing). But in being assigned to spy/watch Olivia, the twist is, Jake found himself falling for her. And I will just sit back and smile if Fitz realizes that not only did he push her away like a dumbass, but he also - inadvertently - handed her over to the new man she’s now with.

Because here’s the other thing: I totally know Olitz is endgame. It’s been pretty clear cut to me since the start of the season that it was. But that endgame? Will be season - years - from now. No way in hell was a permeant Olitz pairing going to happen anytime soon. Plus, it was never the healthiest of relationships anyway. There was no lack of love of course, but there was the fact that - despite that love - it WAS an affair. Plus, Liv was keeping the Defiance secret from Fitz which has now shattered his trust in her when he found out. And now? Now Fitz has the “killed Verna” secret. And when Liv finds out about that - because she WILL - well … .

These two have too many issues to name that they have to work on, and work out, before it can really and truly be called a “healthy” relationship between them. 

So yeah, I like Jake for Olivia right now. I really hope this whole spying/stalking thing isn’t totally what it appears to be at the moment (because, come on, that’s how this show rolls. Nothing is ever as it first appears). And seriously, as shady as, well, EVERYONE is on this show, I am totally not even going to jump to conclusions that Jake is somehow more shady than, well, the President who authorized a program to spy on all the citizens of the country in the first place. ;-)

Oh this show. It’s come to the point where I’m just throwing my morals out left and right. But that’s the D.C power elite. Seriously, David Rosen really is the most moral guy of the bunch - and look what happened to him: set up for murder, fired from his plum job and forced to have his grandmother paying his rent because he’s broke. That’s where having high standards and black and white morality instead of grey and grey morality, (to use the TvTropes definitions) like everyone else in the power circles gets you.

Anyway, I for one can’t wait for next week. Because I’m in this for the long hall,because I always knew that’s what it would be. A long haul.